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About Me

Serial entrepreneur turned investor; Mr. Hadar Swersky is the founder of Smart Box Capital  and the author of “Winning in business with ADHD".

Hadar Swersky

I am a businessperson: versatile, unintimidated, quick, sharp and ruthless at times. It is that last point I always have an issue with. In my eyes I have a heart of gold. I never mean harm or, God forbid, to offend anyone! For years I did not understand how what was going on inside my head could be so different from what the outside world sees or hears.

When I “preach” a point aggressively, I am doing so passionately because I care about the person in front of me. When I say to a friend, “I think you could have done better,” I mean to say, “I believe you are amazing. Why are you settling for so little?”

And while everyone was praising my success, I was beating myself up for not being able to capitalize more from an opportunity.

I could probably go on for hours, but all this changed when I was about thirty-seven years old. I have four kids, and just before my first daughter approached her fifth birthday, I went to be diagnosed for ADHD—an eye-opener!  

Since then my life has never been the same...

Suddenly everything made sense! I was walking around mesmerized .

I then realized that after living with ADHD (yes, I have the H big-time!) for so many years without knowing I had it, I developed unconventional methods for dealing with my “flaws” (yes, they are not flaws, but that is how I saw them). 

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